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Record calls


The app allows you to record phone conversations.App features:- automatic recording of conversations- ability to select automatic recording or recording on desire (PRO)- ability to hide icon from app list (PRO)- ability to set password for login to the application (PRO)- set recording options (sound source, the sound quality, the minimum record length)- configure exception lists (White and Black lists)- Google Drive integration (PRO)- Dropbox integration (PRO)- listen to previously recorded calls- removal of recorded conversations- grouping records by date- search by number, telephone or comment- marking recordings as important- the ability to call from the app- the ability to send the entry in any manner (Email, Bluetooth, Viber, Skype, etc.)
Please note that on some phones, call recording does not work, since recording of telephone conversations is allowed in some countries, many vendors disable the ability to record during a call.
Just don't try to use multiple apps to record phone calls on one device, in the best case will only work one.
If you have any problems recording, try recording from a different audio source or a different sound quality.
If you have any suggestions for improving or adding new features to the app, please contact us: